Djatou was eleven years old, still playing in the yard and making up stories with her friends. But overnight, she became a woman, a married woman, responsible for cleaning house, cooking for her husband, and maintaining a harmonious home. And worse, she became pregnant. At eleven years old.

How young is too young for a girl to be married? Housseina Himou tells the unforgettable real stories of young girls in Niger, Africa, pregnant before their bodies are ready for sex and wives before they grow into women. These girls suffer both mental and physical abuse while losing their childhood and submitting to the wishes of men far senior than they. A crime against humanity and a crime against our children, these girls’ cries for help will touch the hearts of all who meet them.

It is time we speak up for these girls. It is time their story is told and the abuse is put to rest. It is time to Let a Child be a Child.